Yard Games - Ring Toss

Ring Toss

    • Actual Size: Under 4 lbs. - H:3.86" x L:17.32" x W:5.51"
    • Outlets: none required
    • Age Group: 3+ years

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Colorful and kid-friendly, the Yard Game Wooden Ring Toss is the perfect addition to your next backyard gathering. With multi-colored rope rings and colored-top wooden poles, you can easily see your tosses and play with the whole family. The player who ends with the most rings on the wooden poles wins the game!

You and your opponents toss the rope rings at the wooden score board one by one and see if either of you can hit the peg with the highest number. Whoever makes the most points is the winner of the game! Tons of fun for kids and adults and helps kids of all ages develop their skills to assist them with other sports and other motor control skills. This game can be played any time anywhere. You can play indoors or outdoors, at the beach, backyard, park, in your recreation room, or even take it on vacations, camping, picnics or tailgating.