Yard Games - Parachute - 20 feet

20' Rainbow Parachute

    • Actual Size: 20' Round

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Children's party play parachutes are a fun and unique activity for kids. Our 20 foot round parachutes provide fun for up to 12 children to play at once, with each participant having their own hand grip.

There are numerous parachute games that will keep your little ones occupied for hours and a few include:

Parachute Ball Catch

The Wave Game

Parachute Twister

'Chute Bean Bag Toss


Use your creativity to see what other fun activities you are able to imagine with our durable and colorful parachutes, because they are always a hit at children's events.  

This yard game is a great rental and will keep your guests entertained at carnivals, church functions, HOA events, and more.