Yard Games - Kubb Swedish Wooden Game Set

Kubb - A Swedish Wooden Game Set

    • Actual Size: 22 pieces - 23 lbs.

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Kubb, a traditional outdoor throwing Yard Game.  Kubb (pronounced ‘KOOB’) is a Swedish lawn game said to have been played all the way back to the Viking ages. Kubb is a fun party game for 2-12 players similar to horseshoes or bocce. The aim is to knock down the cuboid pieces, or ‘knights’, by throwing the circular blocks, or ‘Kubbs’, underarm from a few meters away.  Playing just one game can take anywhere from twenty minutes to several hours to play and usually involves a fair amount of taunting no matter what continent you’re on. 
A great outdoor game for team buildingcorporate events, cookouts, beach parties and family reunions. Be the first team to knock down all your kubbs and then the king.