Mystery Trips

Team Building

O'Brien Productions specializes in mystery trips. Attendees set a few parameters and provide us with desired dates, a recommended travel budget, complete our travel survey with as many parameters as you feel comfortable furnishing us with, (e.g places least desired or adored places similar to vineyards, spas, etc.) and travelers don't learn of their designation until arriving at the remote location. The guests find this aspect very interesting.

Then O'Brien Productions gets to work. We do the research, handle every part of the planning, make any needed reservations and of course add the surprise elements.
One week prior to departure, O'Brien Productions will send you you a weather report for your destination so that you will be able to plan your dress attire for the trip. Several days later, we will send you a sealed packet. Resist the temptation to open it until you arrive at a venue or your location. Inside, we reveal the details about the getaway, including destination name, reservation information, and exciting adventures that awaits for you and your guests.

On the start date of the trip, O'Brien Productions will pick up your entire group in a vehicle similar to a limousines or multi-person LUX Bus, to ensure all guests stay together. Then the fun begins and we will take your guests to several locations or unusual locations. Your guests will not know where they are going until we arrive at these multiple destinations. The host can create a speech or read from a pre-written dialogue, to give hints or clues to what surprises await.

Are you intrigued yet? Let's get started...

Why It Is Effective:
Share in the experience of visiting offbeat, creative and undiscovered locations without putting in the effort of finding them. Also, your booking is confidential and the majority of our business is referrals and we love what we do!

How It Works:
1. Speak with an Event Planner at O'Brien's about your team, budget, and any objectives for the trip.
2. O'Brien Productions collaborates with you to deliver a custom itinerary for your group that aligns with your goals.
3. Once your itinerary is approved, we book everything (transportation, meals, all activities), taking all stress of coordinating the event off your plate.
4. Relax and enjoy your trip and take all the credit for a great event!

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