Miscellaneous - Tricycle -Bike - Red

Red Tricycle

    • Actual Size: 300 lbs. Max Weight
    • Age Group: 2 years and older


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O'Brien Productions is an expert at team building activities and our tricycle rentals are the perfect addition to a Wacky Olympics company event.    

How Wacky Olympics works: 

~ Our team leader will round everyone up and divide them into a team

~ Each team will rally together and be given a spirit box to don their team color

~ They will then select a team captain

~ All rules and team points will be explained to the guest

~ The MC will have a large score board so everyone can keep up with their standing ~ Each game will be explained, participated and scored before moving on to next game. 

We play a variety of fast pace games that are both physically and mentally challenging. Not everyone is required to participate in each game as long as the teams are equal – i.e.  The MC may announce to the group “select four of your teammates to participate in this game”. This allows for a variety of personalities and physic limits.