Carnival Games and Interactives - Gaming Podium

Gaming Podium

    • Actual Size: Top Podium: Length:36.0625" x Width:15.75" x Height:12.25"
    • Setup Area: 3.5'T x 2'W x 12"H


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O'Brien Productions has a classic and traditional 4 player lock-out game show system rental. Because of the wireless functionality, it is a popular rental for trivia nights as well as for school and church gaming events, talent development coordinators for company events, corporate training and virtually any venue where people are both entertained and educated. The lock-out feature means that when a player buzzes in, it will lock-out the other players allowing the host to know who buzzed in first.
The system comes standard with 2 full sized podiums, 4 dynamic microphones, LED player position lighting, 2 wrap around Velcro vinyl skirts, a wireless remote and receiver, a hard-wired backup controller, a link cable to connect the podiums and a system user manual. Use this gaming system for Family Feud, Game Show Mania, Fabulous Face-Off, or any games or trivia when a lock-out system and microphones are needed.
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